Hello there!!

I'm Tyler McBride, creator of Super Bomb Survival, Super Doomspire, & other such online magic. You may also know me as Polyhex.

Welcome to my Tyler McWebsite!!

I grew up doodling, daydreaming, and dabbling in both game development & animation. Nowadays I still do all of those things, but with slightly less daydreaming and a lot more love.

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Super Doomspire

Released 2019

Super Doomspire is a wild battle game about taking down enemy towers, using goofy tools to get ahead, and even zombies sometimes! It was released in late 2019 & co-developed with my friend June (aka blutreefrog).

Since its release, it's gained an excited fanbase and 100 million plays (as of 2021).


One of its most interesting features, in my opinion, are Stickers, which are over 300 unique items players can use to taunt or express themselves.

Super Bomb Survival!!

Released 2014

Super Bomb Survival is a game I designed, including the art, assets, code, & sound effects. I published it on the Roblox platform in 2014. 

It's an online multiplayer fun-for-everyone free-for-all where it's raining explosives and cartoon antics are the name of the game! It's free to play on iOS, Android, Xbox One, and computers, and is currently available in 7 languages.


Since release, it's gained over 140 million plays and has seen many updates. It's also been sponsored by brands like Illumination & Disney's DuckTales for special Roblox events.


I was able to team up with Jazwares & Roblox to create an official toy of the Super Bomb Survival Shopgirl, which was super cool! You can find it online or in toy aisles at Target.

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My Twitter is an easy way to contact me, and also usually where I post updates on my projects first. Follow me to stay in touch with what I'm up to!


On my YouTube channel, you'll find game development updates, occasional highlight compilations of my Twitch streams, & animations I've done.


Twitch is where I sometimes stream myself playing video games I like & chat with friends and fans of my projects.

I usually laugh a whole lot.

If you'd rather send an e-mail for work purposes, you can contact me here.