Update v3.30 Notes

August 16, 2019

  • Added 18 new music tracks by HungryVulpion & AlmondMilkJuices!

  • 3 new maps!

    • "Carnival Paradise" & "Mars Habitat" by Chloroplast​

    • "Cardboard City" by neongoo51

  • New Perk: Expert's Touch

    • Allows you to touch bombs that would normally explode on touch with no danger. Examples: Homing Missiles, Air Strikes, Nitro Bombs​, Landmines

  • New Item: Fire Shield

    • Drops during the round. Gives 15 seconds of invulnerability to lava & fire.

  • The Fog event now uses the border color dictated by the current map for the fog's color.

Previous Updates

Update v3.20 Notes

April 17, 2019

  • Added a File Select to the title screen.

    • Unlocked by playing at least 50 rounds.

    • File 1 is your base save data and cannot be deleted, but you can create & delete two new save files.

      • File 1's stats also determine the unlocks on the title screen.​

    • You can see which file you're currently playing on by looking at the folder icon in your Menu.

    • Gems are shared between save files.

    • Global leaderboards only count your first file's stats.

  • ​Changed how Skill prices work - if you have over 40-50 total Skills, they'll start to get tougher to buy.

  • Using healing Skills on other players now gives you bonus points, similarly to offensive Skills.

  • Lots of bug fixes, mainly to some unstable super old things. I am so tired.

  • Badges now give Gems proportional to their difficulty.

  • New Intense music track by HungryVulpion!

  • Now, bombs won't sometimes spawn in exactly the same spot at the same time.

  • 3 new Skills:

    •  Toxic Strike​ - a poisonous variant of Airstrike

    • Bubble Barrier - summons a stationary bubble that protects against bombs & missiles. Be careful, though- sharp things like caltrops will make it pop!

    • Super Bomb Egg - like Bomb, but a bit more wobbly

  • Adjustments to existing Skills:

    • Decreased Smack's charge time by 2 seconds

    • Increased Mini-Nuke's missile speed by 50%

    • Increased Blast Force's force by 25%